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April 27 2015

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Search engine optimization services Fresno takes into account all the elements of optimization when it reviews your website. We know that it is not a matter of simply adding meta tags to the site’s pages and submitting it to every search engine and directory.

The website’s entire structure needs to be adjusted to be more relevant to the desired keywords. There may be changes made or added to the content to offer better Keyword Rich Content. We will have our copywriter add these to the site and notify you of these changes. They are of course subject to your approval (as is any change that we make). You will be given a private URL to access the optimized website.

Our Fresno SEO experts generate an initial report of the sites current rankings on the major search engines. There will be monthly detailed analysis of the site, its structure and its code. A report of each site’s ranking for the specified keywords will be made for comparison. All of the major search engines will be targeted.

Specific keywords will be targeted for each site. We will track down keywords that are used more often to increase your web presence. Keywords will be researched and the competition will be analyzed. We use Wordtracker to give you the most accurate targeted keyword research anywhere. The site will then be optimized for one main keyword while creating a broad spectrum for all other keywords. Our service will get you ranked for more than one keyword. The fact is there is always one keyword that many people will use more often than other variations. We emphasize one but target several for optimum ranking and increased traffic.

A link strategy based on top ranking competitive sites will be created. Links will be added to your site from sites that are relative categorically to it. The goal is to have each individual website be seen to the search engines as a category site. For Example: the Search Engines will read the individual site as a Fantasy Art site or a Corporate Photography site or a Diamond Engagement Ring site, according to the specific keywords identified or associated with the link and whether the site the link is on is a relevant category site. Click the text links above to see this in action. You can also type the keyword into Google to test the ranking.

Links will be sought out on the Internet that will benefit the site’s ranking on each individual search engine. Only quality links will be sought out. This will increase a site’s position in the search engines. No “free for all” links will ever be added as they have little merit in ranking web sites. This is a very time consuming process and is constantly worked on throughout the entire process of optimization. These links are one of the key factors for the site’s ranking. The value of the links is just as important as the code changes that will need to be made.

There will be many changes to the (invisible) code at several different intervals, and the structure of the entire website will be changed if necessary (most changes will not be visible to any visitors to your web site). This will greatly benefit the site better than anything else. These are generally Meta Tags, Image Alt tags, Javascript object tags, CSS Style tags, and file names.

Content is the building block to Fresno Search Engine Optimization . Without well thought-out Keyword Rich Content, the site’s ranking will not be in a high ranking position. These changes are very important when combined with the code and link changes. SEO Image LLC will have our copywriter optimize the text for your site. This will have a major impact on your search engine placement and bring traffic to your site.

The title should contain the most important keyword and several others. It should be changed on all the sites. Each page should have a title geared for specific keywords. Optimizing the title is extremely important for ranking, The Search Engine Optimization Image™ cannot stress this point enough. We will use the title for your company's name branding.

The site and all of its pages will be submitted to all the major search engines and directories. This will be done manually to achieve the best results. We can make a difference in the visibility your site will receive by properly submitting the site the first time. We will also target specialized search engine that list sites with the same or similar category as your own.

Your website is adjusted, as needed, to fine-tune its placement on the search engines. This can sometimes be months of small changes and the addition of outside links being added (see Link Popularity above). Other marketing strategies will be implemented to add more exposure to your site. This can increase a sites ranking by a page or sometimes from #8 to #2. Continued monthly maintenance is extremely important. Your optimization processes must never stop or they will be out-done.

It is important to understand that all of the above optimization processes are necessary for a site to rank high in the search engines. Simply focusing on one or two of these techniques will never be enough in the long run. You want the website to always be listed on the top of the search engines for several of your targeted keywords. The only way is with constant updating of the ranking methods. Sites can gradually lose their ranking if they are not maintained monthly especially if you target very competitive keywords.

A careful combination of the above search engine ranking procedures is sure to place a site highly in the search engine results pages. These methods are not secrets, they are proven risk-free techniques that work when ranking sites.
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